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Christmas Trip 2003

Part 5: Picture Day

All photographs © 2003 Mary Beth Stowe

Early morning walk with brother Dave on the beach

Next morning I decided to take a walk on the beach, and Dave joined me. We had a great time talking about various things, and on the beach picked up Snowy Plover, Knot, Willet, and Sandwich Tern for the trip. Found an intact starfish as well that I ended up giving to a little girl, who put it back (she was more merciful than I)!


Left:  Black-bellied Plover; right:  Sanderlings


L-R:  Snowy Plover, Ruddy Turnstone, and Osprey with serious nesting material!


Two similar terns:  Royal (larger with an orange bill and funky hairdo, center), and Sandwich (smaller with a yellow-tipped black bill) 


Left:  Eurasian Collared Dove.  The rest are Boat-tailed Grackles (male left; females center and right)

After that we met with the others to head out to Jay Buchanan's home, a photographer in Fort Myers, to get Laura’s senior pictures taken. While they worked on the shooting we yapped some more (his wife was pleasantly surprised that we preferred to talk rather than watch TV), wandering in and out of the house throughout the course of the morning, and thankfully found out that we didn’t have to go wandering around the mall for two hours waiting for the pictures to be developed: since it was all digital, he could have the proofs ready in the space of about 20 minutes, so we just hung around and yapped some more! And the pictures came out great: they have this nifty setup where the computer is tied into the TV and you can see all the photos via a PowerPoint-like program, and you could compare photos side by side. You would then cull out the ones you didn’t like and gradually work down to what you wanted (that was really tough, because there were so many good ones), and Laura was given an index sheet of the final products. So after ordering what we wanted, we stopped at Macaroni Grill for a late lunch, where I teased the waiter for not having baked macaroni and cheese on their menu (since it was in their name)! Just for that he made me a special dish of it (which I couldn’t finish, naturally)! After stopping at the outlet shops after all for a polo shirt (I didn’t have anything "nice" for Christmas dinner), we came home to crash.


Jay Buchanan and his wife Susan prepare a photo shoot for my niece Laura while brother Dave and sister-in-law Audrey relax on the porch in the meantime!


Left:  Laura relaxes between shoots.  Right:  Dave, Audrey, and Laura

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