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Pelagia is a work combining the transcribed vocalizations of six different "pelagic" or ocean-going species of birds.  The opening theme is based on the rhythmic wheezing of the Manx Shearwater, followed by the ascending wail of the Arctic Loon.  A dissonant, descending chromatic motif introduces another bouncy theme based on the social vocalizations of the Black-footed Albatross.  The 6/8 feel eventually moves into a duple time and then a free-flowing motif based upon the theme of the Pink-footed Shearwater.  Then the three opening themes return for one last show before the single notes of the Red Phalarope end the piece. 

Since I wrote this piece, two of the species whose vocalizations I transcribed have since been "split": what was considered the "Manx Shearwater" off the California coast is now the "Black-vented Shearwater", and the "Arctic Loon" is now the "Pacific Loon".  I mention this only because the vocalizations of these "split" species are marginally different, and the "parent species" are next to non-existent in San Diego waters (the Manx Shearwater is primarily an Atlantic bird, and the Arctic Loon is found primarily in the arctic regions of the Old World and Alaska).

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